Want to chat? Shoot me an email at me@siqi.fr.

Hi, I'm Si-Qi Liu, currently graduating from University of Oxford with a MSc in Computer Science. Before that, I studied at CentraleSupélec in France and majored in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. I am particularly interested in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, Mobile and Open-Source development.

At Oxford, I had the chance to work with Phil Blunsom on my Master thesis which focuses on models that predict nutrition contents of food via natural languages (think "one slice of peperoni pizza = 300 calories"). I interned at Google Research over the summer of 2016, working with Kevin Murphy on various image to text models. Our model outperforms all previous ones by a large margin on MSCOCO (as of Nov 2016), despite the simplicity of the model itself (paper under review for CVPR 2017).

Prior to my time at Oxford, I had experience building large-scale data processing and machine learning pipelines at Google Zurich with Knowledge Graph in 2014 and at Google NYC with AdWords in 2015.

Feel free to take a look at my Github profile where I share some of my side-projects, for example:

I'm comfortable working in C++, Python, Java, Go, Objective-C, Matlab and other languages, including French, English and Chinese.

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